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37" Plasma Flat Screen Display Rental
42" Plasma Flat Screen Display Rental
50" Plasma Flat Screen Display Rental
61" Plasma Flat Screen Display Rental

84" Plasma Flat Screen Display Rental

103" Plasma Flat Screen Display Rental

Custom Plasma TV Quote - Please specify needs

*Floor Mounts, Wall Mounts, Speakers and Specialty Cables Available Upon Request

"I know I can rely on to get me the right plasma rental for my event. I especially like the fact that I can get a plasma TV rental anywhere, whether I'm going to be in Los Angeles, or Miami. And the best part is that I get it delivered right where I need it, with installation and setup."

" offers a wide variety of name brand plasma rentals. I can get the perfect size flat screen at a great price!"

Samuel Wesker
Convention Planner and Technology Advisor

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