22 Hawaii Convention Rental Techs

Rentals - Audio Visual: 4
Rentals - Copiers: 2
Rentals - Desktop Computer: 3
Rentals - Laptops: 2
Rentals - Microphones / PA: 2
Rentals - Displays: 2
Rentals - Printers: 2
Rentals - Projectors: 2
Rentals - Sound Systems: 2
Staging - Web Casting: 1

Hawaii Convention Center AV & Computer Rentals

Over 40 Hawaii Based Technicians, Engineers and Installers are available to deliver and install AV equipment at your next Hawaii convention.

Audio Visual Equipment, Staging, Lighting, Sound, Video, Digital Signage, Computers, even and independent wireless connection to the internet.

Have your convention in Hawaii

Hawaii being the only state that is made entirely up of islands is not surprisingly at very popular tourist destination. In fact tourism is Hawaii's largest industry accounting for 24% of the states gross product. Hawaii is such a popular tourist destination due to its tropic environment, beautiful scenery and beaches, active volcanoes, and its booming cities and convention centers. In fact the state capitol Honolulu houses the beautiful Hawaiian Convention Center. The Hawaiian Convention Center houses over 200,000 square feet of exhibition space and has been voted the most beautiful convention center in the world. The many attractions and places like the Hawaiian Convention Center is what makes Hawaii such a great place to schedule your next conference, convention, or meeting.

Hawaii Convention Facilities: Most Popular

Hawaii Convention Center - Honolulu, Hawaii
Hawaii Convention Center
Voted the most beautiful convention center in the world by the International Association of Exhibition Management, the Hawaii Convention Center provides an exotic experience due to the unique Hawaiian Culture and natural beauty of the island. The Hawaii Convention Center facility features over 200,000 square feet of exhibition space, a 35,000 square foot ballroom, 47 meeting rooms, and a $2 million art collection and rooftop tropical gardens.

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Convention Center Technology Rentals

Desktop Rentals

Desktop rentals can be great if you are setting up interactive kiosk stations, or temporary computer labs.

Laptop Rentals

Laptop rentals are great if you need on-the-go computing for your event, so that you can stay connected.

Tablet PC Rentals

If you need fast and lightweight computing to keep track of your information during your event, then you should get a tablet pc rental.

Projector Rentals

Projector rentals can be an essential component of a convention if you need video presentation technology.

Plasma Rentals

Plasma rentals are also a great asset for presenting video at a large convention, and we can deliver and install your plasma rental.

Video Wall Rentals

Video wall rentals are great for presenting large scale video to large audiences, and are easy to get delivered and installed from our agents.

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