Fort Lauderdale Convention Center Computer & AV Rentals

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The Fort Lauderdale Convention Center is located on the Intracoastal Waterway, surrounded by everything that there is to do in South Florida. The Fort Lauderdale Convention Center has three levels of state-of-the-art technological services. Some of Fort Lauderdale Convention Center services are teleconference facilities; high speed wireless internet access, digital phone lines and business grade telephonic services. The Fort Lauderdale Convention Center will make sure that your conference or event runs with no complications.

The Fort Lauderdale Convention center features over 600,000 square-foot of exhibit space and has just recently added a $34 million, 230,000 square-foot expansion. The Conference center also comes with award winning food and beverage service that you will have trouble finding better quality even in the most pristine restaurants. The Convention Center comes with the key factors of space, location, service, and quality that make it one of the best in the country.

If you are attending the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center you should consider going with a technology rental from rentacomputer instead of bringing your own equipment or buying equipment. Rentacomputer is an intelligent choice as it saves you the worry and hassle of equipment damage and transportation to and from your event. We offer all kinds of audio visual, laptop, and plasma equipment rental for your booth.

Convention Center Technology Rentals

Desktop Rentals

Desktop rentals can be great if you are setting up interactive kiosk stations, or temporary computer labs.

Laptop Rentals

Laptop rentals are great if you need on-the-go computing for your event, so that you can stay connected.

Tablet PC Rentals

If you need fast and lightweight computing to keep track of your information during your event, then you should get a tablet pc rental.

Projector Rentals

Projector rentals can be an essential component of a convention if you need video presentation technology.

Plasma Rentals

Plasma rentals are also a great asset for presenting video at a large convention, and we can deliver and install your plasma rental.

Video Wall Rentals

Video wall rentals are great for presenting large scale video to large audiences, and are easy to get delivered and installed from our agents.

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